Random Haiku Thursday

writers blockTrying to create

Finding the right words is hard.

How writers block sucks!

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It’s not you, it’s me….Yeah, right.

out damned spotIt is a testament to my high school college prep education (and a quick google search) that I can identify the above quote as belonging to Lady Macbeth. Because while I enjoy watching Shakespeare, I am not fond of reading his works. Devoid of any visual context, his plays (especially the tragedies) are dry and often incomprehensible.

We were supposed to read ‘Macbeth’ in senior English. I vaguely remember watching parts of the movie, but the highlight of that class was listening to Pink Floyd’s ‘The Wall.’ The teacher earned extra cool points for turning out the lights as we lost ourselves in the music.

But I digress….

Since childhood, I have had a red spot on my face. It has often been mistaken for a wound or a zit. It is neither. According to the dermatologist, it is a raised blood vessel and nothing to worry about. Unless it gets bigger. Which it did. Three years ago when I was pregnant with Luke Skywalker. Which, of course, is why I am only now having it removed. Actually, it has already been removed.

For the moment, I am sporting some very stylish blue stitches on my cheek, which itch like crazy mad, by the way. They should be taken out next week, at which time I will resume my goddess like profile, minus my damned red spot.

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Random Haiku Thursday

writing in a cafeOh Blackbird Café!

Here, I receive my coffee

and struggle to write

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Random Haiku Thursday

snooze buttonSnooze button, my love

Unerringly, you tease me

And I awake late

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The case of the peed pants

Growing up, I was a bit of a loner. Actually, that’s a bit of an understatement. Painfully shy and easily hurt, my coping mechanism was to be unheard and unseen; which is why my dear friend, Faith, is so very important to me. She helped pull me out of my shell some thirty years ago when we first met in Mrs. Marx’s third grade class. The two of us survived many hijinx, some painful and sad, but most fun and hilarious; like the time we were throwing things into the ceiling fan. Of course my father would walk into the room just as we tossed up a belt which wrapped itself around the motor, stopping the fan. He asked us what was going on and we tried to look nonchalant as the motor began to whine louder. As soon as he left, we jumped into action, turning off the fan and unwinding the belt….and also removing the pencils that had lodged themselves into the ceiling when we tossed them into the air.

There was another time when, bent on revenge because my younger brother had dared to upset us, we vandalized his bathroom. We then calmly went to my parents to explain why we did it and that once he had been properly punished (I believe there was Vaseline on the toilet seat) we would clean up the mess we made. We were constant companions until high school when painful adolescence pulled us apart. Today, we remain in contact and she knows me better than I know myself.

When we lived in Germany, Ellwood had a friend much like Faith was/is to me. In fact, he had a whole gang of friends at his school. It was fun to drop him off at school in the morning and see them all congregate around him before they all went to pee together. (It’s a potty training thing, I think, or maybe a three year old thing.) At any rate, he had a close group of friends with whom he spent a large portion of his time. When we moved back to the states, he was crushed.

Hubby and I disagree that it was such a shock to his three year old system, but he seemed very lonely to me and as soon as I could arrange it, he was enrolled in the church day school.  That’s where he met D., a very smart little boy his same age, who inspired the comment, ‘Sometimes I call myself ‘Eh.’ Their three year old (and later four, five and six year old) minds where constantly challenged by the rigors of learning to comprehend the world around them. They had conversations on many topics; one memorable subject being that it’s OK if you pee your pants, because it will dry and no one will know. Boys.

This year, they have been navigating the world of public school together, both being in the same kindergarten class. Which finally brings me to my long-winded destination.

You see, unbeknownst to me, it seems that the majority of the time that Ellwood has been getting into trouble at school, (and it has unfortunately been quite often) it has been in conjunction with D.; evidently it is much more fun to have a partner in crime. Their illustrious career as trouble makers culminated the other day. While being tested for accelerated classes, they both had to be removed from the class and each was placed in a separate room by themselves to finish testing, because they were disturbing other children. Partners in crime, they failed to mention to their parents who they had been conspiring with when this all occurred. Funny, that.

friendsBut it’s what best friends are there for and I am glad to know that Ellwood has such a friend in D. The bonds we form when young stay with us for a lifetime. I remain grateful to have a friend like Faith who has no fear when it comes to telling me the truth, however difficult. D. may be Ellwood’s life long buddy, or maybe not. Either way, they have already created some really great stories. Now if we can just get convince them to discuss the positive merits of staying seated while eating at the dinner table….

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Random Haiku Thursday

budding flowerPale green buds open

to the sun. Full, fresh, they are

harbingers of spring.

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Random Haiku Thursday

cream of wheatOh my cream of wheat,

favorite morning treat,

great to start the day!

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