Required Reading

3 Chords and a Laugh

A few guys teaching a friend to play guitar using web videos.

Hyperbole and a half

A mix of web-comic and blog. Very funny!

Invisible Lizards Unusual Oranges

Another talented writer, this is a friend of mine from WAY back.

Mike’s Life

A Dad learning the ropes of fatherhood and life. He’s from my home town and graduated from hs with me. A really funny, light hearted look at life in a small town.

Pajama Projects

Neat place to find activities for youngsters.

Rants from Mommyland

A hilarious look at life as a Mom.

Reflections for Eleanor

A new Dad’s musing on the changes in his life since his daughter was born.

Scary Mommy

A sarcastic look at motherhood.

Minnesota Mamaleh

A mother of three who looks at the world through a different lens.

Traveling Blob

The travel exploits of an adventurous couple circumnavigating the globe.

Feast after Famine

Well written with beautiful photos, this blog is inspirational in it’s outlook.

Wired Science

What’s new from the frontlines of science, from deep space to DNA sequencing.



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