It’s all about me! (Updated)

This is where I come to escape the daily pressures of being ‘Mommy.’ -The one with all the answers, the one who has to say no, the one who is responsible. (I didn’t know that came with the job description, by the way. I was prepared for the hugs and falls, not for the all-knowing part. I still see myself as a young twenty-something, so this is completely novel to me.)

This is still how I see myself....

Here you will find my thoughts on a variety of subjects, sometimes funny, sometimes not. I also like to recommend books and movies (though more books than movies since I rarely get to the theater anymore). There may come a time when I post some of my short stories. Right now there is just a small collection of interesting bits of poetry up.

Despite my attempts to the contrary, I still mention my family at times, so in the interest of keeping you from getting lost, here is the cast of characters in my life:

Hubby is my husband of 12 years, nerd extraordinaire, and father of my two wonderful children. He is my rock, though he loves to be silly and makes up songs to sing with the kids. He also plays the guitar and is quite a musician despite his nerdiness.

Ellwood is our seven year old genius. His main interests include outer space and fart jokes. He is in first grade and is seriously scaring us. He’s taking a third grade math class. ‘Nuff said.

Luke Skywalker is our four year old genius, of course. Known as ‘The Priest’ at his preschool for his very sweet, considerate ways, he also has another side to him. He’s quite stubborn and unfortunately appears to be taking on his father’s pedantic qualities. Example: That’s not bread, Mommy. It’s toast!


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