out damned spotIt is a testament to my high school college prep education (and a quick google search) that I can identify the above quote as belonging to Lady Macbeth. Because while I enjoy watching Shakespeare, I am not fond of reading his works. Devoid of any visual context, his plays (especially the tragedies) are dry and often incomprehensible.

We were supposed to read ‘Macbeth’ in senior English. I vaguely remember watching parts of the movie, but the highlight of that class was listening to Pink Floyd’s ‘The Wall.’ The teacher earned extra cool points for turning out the lights as we lost ourselves in the music.

But I digress….

Since childhood, I have had a red spot on my face. It has often been mistaken for a wound or a zit. It is neither. According to the dermatologist, it is a raised blood vessel and nothing to worry about. Unless it gets bigger. Which it did. Three years ago when I was pregnant with Luke Skywalker. Which, of course, is why I am only now having it removed. Actually, it has already been removed.

For the moment, I am sporting some very stylish blue stitches on my cheek, which itch like crazy mad, by the way. They should be taken out next week, at which time I will resume my goddess like profile, minus my damned red spot.