Random Haiku Thursday

person over heatedHot, oppressive air.

Did we really miss the heat?

We live in the South.


About Abstract Emoting

Mommy, what is it you do to make your tummy jiggly? That about sums up my life. Welcome to my blog. Enjoy your stay.
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2 Responses to Random Haiku Thursday

  1. julie says:

    Ah, I love your Haiku-ness.

    Isn’t it funny how we long for the weather we don’t have?

    Yep. I’m pretty sure everyone missed the heat. And now? We can’t wait for the reprieve.

    Hang in there. Think ice cubes and polar bears.

    • I really enjoy writing these haikus, so it’s nice to know someone else enjoys them, too. Hope the weather is nice where you are. Currently, our weather is acting schizophrenic. There is never any telling what it will be like from day to day. Ahhhh….spring.

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