Terrifying flirtation with accomplishment

poem in your pocketApril is National Poetry Month and I have some ideas on how to celebrate here at Abstract Emoting, but before that, there is something I must address. You see, my last post elicited a tongue lashing in the form of an e-mail from my mom. It appears that I have been hemming and hawing about writing and this was just one time too often for her taste and she had had it. Her words were ‘JUST DO IT……Write it down and throw it out there. Your readers will love it. If they don’t, they’ll go somewhere else. So be it. We can’t please all the people all the time, you know.’

So…. I’ve decided to fix up my story and submit it to McSweeney’s. If it isn’t accepted (and considering how competitive they are, this is highly likely) I will consider posting it here. Consider, because once I have gathered the courage necessary to submit, I will be looking into other publishing options, as well.

And now onto National Poetry Month. Poetry is my true love. It always has been. I can create a scene, a moment, and leave it at that. Stories are more than just a short second; they are several short seconds linked together. My idea to celebrate this month is to  gather poems each day and post them on a special page. I will post my own work as well as that of others. If you are interested in submitting, let me know. If I like it, you could see it here.

My first selection is not one I wrote, but one from an artist I greatly admire…

Me and Us in the Dark

by Bobby Long

you stopped the raid
torch in hand
breathing heavily
like someone who cared
some dress you slipped on
ruffled my feathers
who did it come from
i pretended not to know
i knew how the indians felt
intruders at the shore
and know i was in trouble
a double dose of adrenaline
the other woman walked in
the lights turned on
i was alone
they both fled arm in arm
i was in the wrong room again
drunk in the dark


About Abstract Emoting

Mommy, what is it you do to make your tummy jiggly? That about sums up my life. Welcome to my blog. Enjoy your stay.
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2 Responses to Terrifying flirtation with accomplishment

  1. Mom says:

    I love you so much, you absolutely can’t imagine! And I am proud of you for stepping out and taking that all important risk. As to poetry, I hope you will post your poem about Brent when he was so young. It still brings tears to my eyes for you as well as for him when I think about it.

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