In an attempt to post another blog, I will share some poetry with you…

poetryI was looking for something fun and interesting to share with you today. Unfortunately, my collection of poetry and short stories were all written pre-1992 which means they are mostly teenage drivel. Nonetheless, I will share a few tidbits with you which I have deemed ‘not quite so bad.’

Meaningless words are written on a piece of paper to stimulate the brain unsuccessfully. -Jan. 14, 1990

A star in the sky means nothing if no one is there to share it with you. The beach is nice. -Feb. 12, 1991

She gave him her heart,

he gave her a stone.

He said ‘I love you,’

and she put him on a throne.

All their time together,

everything they shared,

all were lies,

and yet she swears he cared. -Unknown date

And that’s it for tonight, folks. Hope you enjoyed the ride.


About Abstract Emoting

Mommy, what is it you do to make your tummy jiggly? That about sums up my life. Welcome to my blog. Enjoy your stay.
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