Learn what you are, and be such. ~Pindar (522–443 BC), ancient Greek poet

The internet has afforded us with many new opportunities, not the least of which are social networks that help us keep connected to friends and re-connect with old ones. For years now, I have looked for one such old friend to no avail. But suddenly, she is on facebook and now we have the chance to reconnect.

We met over a decade ago while we were both on an exchange semester to Germany. (The same exchange I was on when I met Hubby.) She was very different from me- confident, sexy, engaging. I was actually quite taken with her and was disappointed that we lost contact after she went back home to Belgium. Since that time, much has happened. I graduated from college, got married to Hubby (whom she knew before I met her), started but did not finish a Master’s degree and had two children. I was anxious to catch up and find out what has been going on in her life.

One fun option to facebook is to have a short ‘about me’ section. There are places to put your favorite quotes and anything else you wish people to know about you. My friend had chosen to fill this section with the following sentence: ‘a man must take his time.’ Intriguing

We are all on this path of life but at different stages of growth- physical, spiritual and mental. We don’t all know the same life lessons at the same time. It’s an individual journey. Religion helps answer the question of purpose for some people. Others find it in their work or family.

As a young twenty-something, I never took much time to consider this question. Life was enjoyable, especially after I found my life partner in Hubby. It is, curiously, now that I have a family and a new role as a worker outside of the home, that I find myself asking this question more and more. What is our purpose? What is my purpose? Where do I want to go in life?

Much of this can be answered by my belief that we should help one another out and provide support in as many aspects of life as we can. But I really like my friend’s quote. It says we should be patient with ourselves and by extension, those around us. We, as people, continue to be works in progress. Take the time to understand yourself and you will better understand those around you.

mcesher eyeSo that is my new motto- a person should take her time. Interpret that as it feels right to you. For me, it means not to worry too much about my existential existence. It will come together well enough.


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