The internet has the wisdom

pile of booksToday, dear readers, I am writing just before my shift begins at the library. While my feet are sore and my mind a bit mushy from yesterday, I am really enjoying my new (paying!) job.

It is exciting here since I will not only hear about new books and get recommendations from patrons, I get first dibs at some of the new stuff coming out. Joy!

This morning, at the breakfast table, I told the boys I would see them this evening and to have a great day. Luke Skywalker merely nodded his head as he bounced and bobbed to the music, but Ellwood looked thoughtful.

‘Mommy, why do you have to work so much at work when you have so much to do here? That isn’t fair.’ Bless him. It launched a discussion on each of us being a part of the family and helping out around the house. This seemed to satisfy him, but I was impressed that he recognized almost immediately the plight that many parents find themselves in- overwhelmed by working and having just as much, if not more, that needs to be done at home. (A topic I might explore later, but currently my brain is mush, so this will be it today!)

Have a wonderful day, guys. And thanks for the listen!


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Mommy, what is it you do to make your tummy jiggly? That about sums up my life. Welcome to my blog. Enjoy your stay.
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