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Random Haiku Thursday

Perfect wife and mom House: clean, Kids: behaved, Face: calm You can’t be for real Advertisements

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As of February 16, 365 people had died in the Egyptian protests

Did I say I would write again this week? Yeah, I guess that’s right, I did. Have you ever broken a resolution, but had a really good excuse? Me too. This past week, I could claim that working full time … Continue reading

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Random Haiku Thursday

Waiting on a friend She takes her time to meet me I am impatient

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American car horns beep in the tone of F.

Things I wonder about… Why does my neighbor down the street have 7 new cars in the driveway? Seven! Everyday? We looked at the house before we bought ours and I know there are only three bedrooms in it. How … Continue reading

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Random Haiku Thursday

White clouds on a blue sky Light dapples the foliage cool wind on my face

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‘And throw the words you hold so dear from the letter you’ve been softly folding’- A Stranger Song by Bobby Long

Bobby Long is my not-so-new musician crush. I discovered him, along with his friends Sam Bradley and Marcus Foster about six months ago while searching for some quotes from a movie I was watching. Of the three, Bobby Long is … Continue reading

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Water for Elephants, by Sara Gruen

Told from the perspective of a ninety year old man, Jacob, the narrative flashes back and forth between present day and his memory of his time in the circus during the depression. Jacob begins reminiscing because the circus has come … Continue reading

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