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caution signFive things you shouldn’t do…

1- Never antagonize your hairdresser. There is a good chance you will come away with zebra striped hair instead of the highlights you wanted. (And then your next hair dresser will ask who was so mean as to give you stripes which is when you realize that you have gone around with zebra stripes on your head thinking you look all snazzy.)

2-On a job interview, if asked your biggest weakness, do not answer that you have a problem with authority, even if it is the only thing you can think of at the time. I said that once and was not hired. Big surprise.

3- When showing off the artsy pictures you took with your significant other, remember to first remove the nude photos you took. ‘Nuff said.

4-Don’t let your mind wander when you are speaking to others and only mumble and occasionally acknowledgment of their presence. They might notice and throw in something strange just to check. I once realized only belatedly that my conversation partner had said something to the effect of having a shark in his pool in the backyard. He never spoke to me again.

5- And from a dear anonymous friend- When six months pregnant and on vacation, check to make sure the neighbors cannot see into the swimming pool you have decided to skinny dip in.