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child parent holing handsThe other day, Luke Skywalker slammed his head into the bridge of my nose, square between the eyes, on my glasses. Ouch! It got me thinking though. We know the impact that we have on our children. We are acutely aware that despite everything we try to do, all the attempts to the contrary, we will mess up our children in some way. We just pray it won’t be severe. But how do they affect us? What kind of an impact do they leave on us?

1- My kids have taught me what it means to love. Before my kids were born, the idea of loving someone so completely, outside of a romantic love, seemed impossible. The love I felt (and still feel) for Hubby was already overwhelming. The concept that there could be something even more potent out there was inconceivable.

2- They have shown me that I am not perfect, but am lovable despite that. The love your young child gives you is amazing. They trust you in all cases. I know this will change very soon, but so far, at 6 and 3, my boys have continued to accept me in all my imperfections.

3-Both my children have shown me that I am stronger than I believed myself to be. Through sleepless nights, over worked days and stressful situations, I find myself stepping up to a plate I never imagined myself capable of handling.

4- My kids have taught me I do not need to concern myself with what other people think. They are completely oblivious to what others think they should do/be. In fact, when faced with needing to behave in a certain way, my kids often choose to do the direct opposite. And they are not ashamed of their choice. Such freedom!

sunshine5-Finally, my children have opened my heart and mind to new experiences because every day is an adventure. As Ellwood so beautifully put it one morning, ‘It’s time to get up, Mommy. I can smell the sunshine!’