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chuck e cheeseThere is a place in this world where children gladly and joyfully enter and adults only do so with trepidation. In fact, adults are often bullied by their children to cross the threshold of this most unholy and germ infested establishment. Chuck E. Cheese.

The food there is both greasy and dry, tasteless and unappetizing. Perfect for children. It is loud inside this ‘restaurant’ in a ringing sort of way which prevents coherent thought. Adults, when confronted with the overwhelming noise of games and squealing children, cease to function and allow their over excited progeny to take control. It is chaos. And that is where we spent our Saturday. Joy.

A friend’s daughter had requested that her birthday party take place in this house of horrors and like imbeciles, we agreed to attend. The boys were ecstatic.

Upon entering, we were bombarded by noise at a decibel that is harmful to your hearing. It was, of course, packed beyond capacity since Saturday is the BEST day for a birthday party. Everyone and their uncle had turned out to celebrate birthdays for kids aged 1 to 15. We circled the entire place three times before we found an empty table. I could actually feel my eye begin to twitch at the sensory overload. At that point, our friend was a no-show.

Hubby ordered a pizza and got tokens, which were the real reason we were there in the first place.  While he was gone, I was treated to the sight of a young girl vomiting on the floor about 3 yards away. There was no telling if she had the flu, had eaten too much or was overly excited. It made me want to race out and never return.

Hubby returned and took our bouncy children into the melee to ride rides and play games. Sometime shortly before the pizza arrived, our friend showed up with the rest of the crew and the search for tables began anew. It was still packed and now the challenge wasn’t just finding a table, it was to find more than one…next to each other.

Once settled, we allowed the children to consume the pizza and sugary drinks. *sigh* Sometimes you just have to let go. We spent three grueling hours there before Hubby and I reached our absolute limit.  On our way out, Luke Skywalker cried tears of frustration and sorrow that we were leaving. He cried most of the 45 minute drive home.

Ellwood and Luke Skywalker want to go back. They will probably go again. When they have children of their own.