My mind is aglow with whirling, transient nodes of thought careening through a cosmic vapor of invention. -Blazing Saddles

It has begun. I knew it would happen and quite frankly, I tried to postpone the inevitable for as long as humanly possible. But change comes, as it must, and my life is about to change dramatically.

When Ellwood was born, I was working full time at a law firm. I returned to work when he was a mere 9 weeks old. It broke my heart, but Hubby was a student at the time and that meant he had a fairly flexible schedule. Ellwood was therefore home with Hubby 3 days a week and was with a Nanny only 2 days a week.

This pattern continued until Hubby got a job in Germany and we relocated there. My visa was dependent on his and did not allow me to work. Which was fine with me. Now I would be allowed to stay home with my little angel. Luke Skywalker joined our clan just before we left Germany to move back to the states and to a tenure track job for Hubby. I have not worked outside of the home in Luke Skywalker’s life time.

The honest truth, folks, is that I am not that great at being a stay at home mom. My kids have gotten the attention they needed. I have read to them and played with them. We have hung out at the library, the park and had play dates with friends. But I wasn’t all that happy. Any excuse I could come up with to unload the kids was used.

It hasn’t been all bad, of course. I have really enjoyed being at home and having time to myself. Especially after Luke Skywalker started going to half time daycare. It finally freed up my days to write, to volunteer, to hang out with friends.

library booksBut that has all come to an end. I have accepted a full time job in our local library and am actually looking forward to it. The time away from the kids will make me happier when I am with them. The time in the library will, I hope, stimulate my brain some more.  And the extra influx of cash will also feel good.

There are many details which will probably prove to be more annoyance than anything. Like switching cars so Hubby can pick up the boys from daycare, Hubby being more ‘mommy’ in terms of care giving and housekeeping than before. But it will work out, I’m sure.

So raise a glass of your favorite beverage and let’s toast to a new beginning. They are fraught with glitches and worries, but are often the path to something even better.raise your glass


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