Little brothers. ‘Cause you’re younger. And you’re boys.

There are times, which I admit are not as rare as they should be, when I use the television as a babysitter for my kids. I try to limit it to when I’m fixing dinner and on Saturday mornings when I want an extra thirty to forty-five minutes of sleep. (’Cause kids wake up at 6am on Saturdays when they ninny and whine Monday through Friday when you try to wake them at 6:30. Little traitors.) They watch primarily PBS Kids, which helps make me feel less guilty. In fact, it’s because of Super Why that Luke Skywalker, at the age of two, could distinguish between capital and lower case letters, impressing not only Hubby and me but also his teachers.

Sometimes we break out of the mold, though, and I am so glad we did. Because we have found the. Most. Amazing. Cartoon. Phineas and Ferb‘Phineas and Ferb.’ It’s about two young brothers who spend their summers building and inventing and making nerdy cool. And that’s why we watch it. Because the boys are nice and smart. Because they are good kids who enjoy life. And that’s what we want to teach the kids.

Enjoy this teaser. It’s a song by their sister and is one of the best songs they do. (Though the one by Vanessa comes in a close second.) You can catch them on the Disney Channel, or on you tube.


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