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Monica, Chandler, Friends, The One with the Closet

'I'm married to Fred Sanford!'

In the episode of Friends, ‘The One with the Secret Closet,’ Chandler finds out that the super-clean queen, Monica, has a secret closet. Full of junk. Most people have a junk drawer, sometimes maybe more than one. I am like Monica, I have a junk ROOM. It was once called the office where we placed our computer, printer and many ‘important’ papers. Currently, you can’t get into the room. Or rather, you can, but only on tiptoe (there isn’t enough space for your whole foot to meet the ground) and only by taking large ‘steps’ to find mostly empty places to stand in.


This was not the plan and I have discussed my inability to keep my home clean before. Always, my intent is to clean this section of the house and then to use it often enough that it would be inadvisable to become so cluttered. No matter my original goals, the room becomes a dumping ground for bills, stuff that needs to be shredded, anything that doesn’t have a place in the rest of the house. Currently, there are also toys that should have been donated before Christmas located in various boxes in the ‘office’ which the boys pilfer when they are bored of what they have in their bedroom.

It is disheartening to me as a stay at home mom whose ‘only’ job is keeping the house clean (and keeping the clothes done, kids fed…but I don’t get all that done by myself, either) that I cannot seem to keep this one very important room from becoming a dumping ground. Part of my problem stems from a lack of motivation. Oh, I may have every intention of cleaning that room when I wake in the morning, but upon entering the abyss, I lose all energy and find myself slumped in front of the computer, trying not to look to either side of me at the piles of paper and various other clutter and useless accumulated junk.

This is one of the many reasons I end up at my beloved local coffee shop. It soothes my soul and means I can ignore my responsibility for a little while since it is not in sight. (Out of sight, out of mind!) I am convinced I am not the only one with this (literally) dirty secret.

I’m not the only one, right?messy room sign