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Affirmation Poster made by Tristan Prettyman

Affirmation Poster made by Tristan Prettyman. Blog: http://icecreamisbetterwithafork.tumblr.com/

Recently, I came across a post which intrigued me because I found the question it proposed almost impossible to answer.  It is also the origin of the picture above. The author found another like it and created one of her own. I am not that tech savvy, so I took hers and will credit her.


The question she asked was, ‘What makes you so awesome?’ It wasn’t meant sarcastically, as some might think; she wanted to know what is it about you that makes you special, and then encouraged everyone to embrace that wonderfulness inside of them.

The truth is, while I can see what is terrific about my life and those around me- I am blessed with a partner who supports me even at my worst, two very intelligent children and wonderful family and friends- it is hard to say what about ME is special.

So, here goes….

My best attribute is something I have worked on since I was young. It’s something I intentionally nurtured in myself and I can tell you exactly why I did so. My mother once told me the story of a pastor she knew. (Yes, Mom. I did listen to you when I was a kid.)

The story goes that there was a large gash along a pew in the church. It was obvious that someone had intentionally damaged it, but the pastor, upon seeing it, remarked that someone must have caught their button on the pew. Mom said she thought that was the most remarkable thing to do, see a good explanation in the face of an obviously shameless act. Since then, I have made it a habit to look for alternative reasons for cruel/mean/callous actions. At 38, it has become second nature for me.

I am also a kind person and am willing to give you a second and often third chance. This has gotten me into trouble on more than one occasion. I tend to believe everyone is good from the start and really must have it pounded into my head not to trust certain people. (This can also get me in trouble with the kids. I am such a push over!)

So, I have named two and am feeling uncomfortable now. Can you name at least two things that contribute to your awesomeness? Share with me! And check out the original post that prompted this one.