‘I sweat better than I shiver’ or ‘Why I Live in the South’

My parents claim I was born in Ohio, but if that’s true, no trace of winter hardiness was transferred to me by my place of birth.

Edward and Bella

Bella: You're asking me about the weather?! Edward: Yeah, I guess I am.

In fact, my constitution is such that I suspect just the opposite- that I was repelled by the cold weather and have thus lived most of my life in the relative warmth of the southern United States. For instance, I can vividly remember putting my heaviest winter jacket on because it was 65F outside. (Yes, our blood runs thin in the south.) In my college newspaper, I read an article which began with: Welcome to Louisiana where winter is a cold front and spring begins in February!

Although I detest cold weather, I can, if given several months’ time, acclimatize myself to it. It is a difficult and odious chore and one I failed at miserably my first full year in Germany. (Which, of course, was one of the coldest on record. Hah!) That was the year I was able to feel warm in 14F because I had spent so much time in -13F weather. It was also the year I learned the painful lesson of buying waterproof boots to wear in the snow. If you do not get those boots, you will have cold, wet feet the entire season.

Readers from colder climes are most likely mocking my puny, wimpy whining about cold weather, but today it is colder in my town than it is in Iceland. So go suck it, cold weather. Unless you want to bring me pretty snow, minus the power outages which inevitably follow any extremely cold weather here ( Snow and ice in the south is what 90F heat is to Chicago- it shuts everything down), then warm the heck back up!

cold girl

If I can see my breath, it is too cold outside...

My hope is that the really cold weather moves on, the more mild winter weather I like replaces it and that spring will start no later than April. Because, quoting my father, ‘I sweat better than I shiver.’ And that is why I live in the south.

Update: After seeing what the rest of the country is experiencing…people trapped on interstates and two feet of snow, well I feel a bit silly petty complaining about our weather here. You guys have my sympathy. And I’m staying put in the south unless Hubby forcibly uproots me.


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One Response to ‘I sweat better than I shiver’ or ‘Why I Live in the South’

  1. Mom says:

    AMEN, and again I say AMEN!

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