A letter to my sixteen year old self

I have seen this around and thought it was an interesting idea.

Dear Lois,

I wish you would listen to my advice, but I realize you already know everything and what adults have to say is nothing but garbage. Still, here goes.

1- Food is not your enemy. I know it seems that all food does is put weight on people, but it is actually there to nourish your body. Refusing to accept this and starving yourself results in exacerbating not only your self esteem issues, but also hurting you physically. You will never have enough energy to accomplish anything as long as you refuse to eat. (Also, if you ever want boobs, you will need to gain a few pounds. That’s just how it is.)

2- Please don’t smoke. I know it seems cool and all that, but even trying it just once will have you hooked for life. It will take you a decade to loosen yourself from nicotine’s grip. Let’s just skip this trial altogether, ok?

3- The friends you’ve had for years? Those are the ones you can actually count on right now. The other ones will come and go pretty quickly. Even the ones you think are wonderful you will lose contact with, so keep your old friends close.

4- There is a guy who is about to come back into your life. You knew him in middle school. He is not who you think he is. Run away from him or you will get hurt. Please. Run away from him.

5- Things are tough at home and they aren’t going to get better for a while. But you will survive and be stronger for it. You will even find you have a grudging respect for those people you call parents. They might not get everything right, but they love you. Trust me on this one.

6- Find something other than self pity to occupy your time. Write more, study, read more. It doesn’t matter. Let’s just not waste time in front of the television, shall we?

7- Another person will enter your life soon. Her name is J. and it would behoove you to start listening to her advice NOW. She is very rarely wrong. I know this from personal experience.

8- You are pretty. You don’t think so now since all you can see are the glaring defects in the mirror. But seriously, you are a worthwhile person. Stay away from those who make you feel otherwise.

There is probably much more I should tell you, like not to take out student loans when you go to school. Just work and go part time or something. But those are for a person a bit older, perhaps. And besides, you’re sixteen, invincible and know everything, so there’s not much chance you will listen to me, anyway.


You (in another twenty odd years)

Me, not 16, but close to it, and my baby brother Brent. (I could seriously pass as a vampire, don't you think?)


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Mommy, what is it you do to make your tummy jiggly? That about sums up my life. Welcome to my blog. Enjoy your stay.
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One Response to A letter to my sixteen year old self

  1. Mom says:

    Good reflection. I could offer a few more topics for discussion, but then everyone could. BTW, on the drive home I heard a country song on the radio where the singer was talking to his teenage self about what to do and not do. (Timing is everything)

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