An Open Letter to the Guy Who Passed me on the Grass This Morning

angry driver

Out of my way!!!

Dear man in the really large SUV,

Morning traffic is bad. It’s aggravating. And the geniuses who planned our little city did not help matters when they chose to place the only high school, only middle school and two elementary schools on the same two lane road, ensuring that traffic would back up significantly a minimum of twice a day. The gridlock can cause normally sane people to react in strange ways, taking risks they normally wouldn’t and adding to the population of bad drivers here.

I, too, understand being in a hurry since that is how I spend most of my time- rushing from one appointment to another, usually screaming at kids that they are moving too slowly for my schedule. It’s my own fault, really, since they need a certain amount of time to move their little legs to the car. They need extra time to decide which toy they are going to hold onto while we are driving. It is frustrating getting little ones out in the morning

But despite all of this, there is an unspoken rule that we don’t resort to driving on the grass at maniacal speeds just to get past the guy in front of you taking a left turn. It is not just reckless, it puts me, my children (and since this is a road that pretty much only parents and teachers travel, I can guarantee you that my kids are not the only ones you put at risk this morning) and others in jeopardy. I am not sure if this is a typical driving habit of yours, but you should be warned: It is not just dangerous, it’s illegal. If you continue to insist on such behavior, a ticket is in your future.

We live in a small enough town that there is a good chance I know you, will at some point know you, or know someone who is a friend of yours. At some point I may get a chance to find out why you felt the need to race by us in such a foolish way. Since you were headed in the opposite direction of the hospital, though, I am not sure what excuse you may have. Because impatience is not good enough.

Yours in frustration,

A fellow road traveler


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5 Responses to An Open Letter to the Guy Who Passed me on the Grass This Morning

  1. genius. pure genius. *and* important. it is scary to see how people drive now that we’re out and about with little ones, isn’t it?! well done, mama! well done, indeed.

  2. Mom says:

    How dare he endanger my daughter and my grandsons! Time to record a tag number and turn it into the police. I hope you will consider sending this “letter” to the editor of the local newspaper. Maybe others have experienced this same shameful behavior and will take action to correct the problem–be it legislatively (two lane road for four schools!) or reporting dangerous drivers to the authorities. Let us know what you do.

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