Best F***ing birthday present E-VER!

So, those who know me are aware of my obsession with a certain group of young men- Sam Bradley, Bobby Long and Marcus Foster. I have gushed about them in previous posts (see here and here). When I saw that Sam Bradley would be in our area around my birthday, I jumped at the chance. And last night was THE night! And it was awesome!!!!

We got there with time to spare, which was a pleasant surprise considering the effort it took to get out of the house in the first place. (We had an extra dog who has apparently adopted us now, on top of the usual kid concerns.)

The concert was fun. Sam Bradley was actually the opening act and I was surprised by a few things. First- his set was much shorter than I had expected it to be. Second- the whole set was acoustic, just Sam and another guitarist. (I really liked that since I am a fan of that type of performance- it was a good choice.) Sam is a big ham and was having a great time cutting up during the show. I didn’t know all of the music, but liked everything I heard. Also, I have decided that I like the original version of ‘Too Far Gone’ (aka ‘Never Think’ from the Twilight soundtrack). He played that as his last piece of the set.

Sam Bradley

A bit blurry? Yes. No flash allowed.

As soon as Sam’s set was over, I raced to the front of the venue (minus Hubby at first since he was chatting with some other people and I had no patience for that) since he was signing autographs and taking pictures. The woman in front of me in line was nice and we chatted while we waited. I was saying things like ‘Squeee!’ and ‘Yeah!!!’ when Hubby suggested I tone down my fourteen year old side or Sam might not respect me. Heeding his advice, I stopped bouncing on my toes and tried to remain calm while I waited.

When my time came, Hubby dutifully took pictures while I tried unsuccessfully not to gush saying that this was my birthday present and he was great, yadda, yadda, yadda. Sam asked me when my birthday was (the same day his album came out!), but he didn’t ask my age. There are two possibilities why he did not. Possibility 1 (and the one I like most): A gentleman never asks a lady her age. Possibility 2 (and the one somewhat more likely): I am obviously much older, married and saddled with kids to be of any interest. *sigh* Still, Sam was very gracious and made my evening. He asked if I wanted him to write ‘Happy Birthday’ on the album cover and I was all like, ‘Yeah, of course!’

Sam Bradley

What a sweetie!!!

There are two things I knew but had forgotten before meeting with Sam.

1- Beer breath repels. (The gum I brought with me remained in my purse. Drat!)

2- Behaving like a sane, normal person goes a lot further than the crazed fan reaction.

Sam Bradley

Chatting like old friends. Uh huh.

Once I got my picture and autograph, Hubby and I discussed our next move- beer or soda. While deciding, another woman approached us (we later learned her name is L. and she is cool, funny and extroverted) asking if we were in line. We said no, and I fell into talking with her. It was sometime around here that I recalled there were some other things I wanted to say to Sam- like the fact that I listen to him daily while writing this blog and that I wanted a hug. (‘Cause a picture and autograph are not enough. Yeah, I’m greedy like that.) I confide to L. and C. (C. is her friend who is, in her own words, extraordinaire, and was rocking a cool pair of silver stripper shoes her husband had gotten her) that I would like to speak to Sam again but isn’t that rude, and they told me to go for it.

Not sure what I planned to do, I stood in line with L. and C. so they could also get their picture and autograph. When it was their turn, I was totally rude and grabbed Sam by the arm to get his attention. (He really is a nice guy since most celebs/musicians would not have stood for such contact. Of course, I would have loved a hug, but Hubby might not have approved of that.) I once more gushed, this time about how I listen to him while writing and he asked me the name of my blog! (It would surprise me if he remembered it, but just in case- Sam, you TOTALLY ROCK!)

On ward and Upward- We stuck around the front of the venue until Sam moved on and then we spent the rest of the evening in the wonderful company of L. and C. We had an awesome time and never saw the headliner, though we heard some of her music while we were chatting outside. It sounded nice.

This was the best present I have ever given myself for my birthday and Sam Bradley’s willingness to play along, letting me take liberties with his personal space by grabbing him and taking pictures with him was icing on the cake. Check out his new album, Zuni. You can get it on iTunes. It’s definitely worth it!

Happy Birthday to me!!!

(And though we couldn’t record at the venue-)Here’s a little taste of the concert:


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5 Responses to Best F***ing birthday present E-VER!

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  2. Charity says:

    YOU ARE THE BEST. Both of you are absolutely delightful. I’ve now seen Bobby L. and Sam B., so when Marcus F. comes to town I would like to complete the trinity; hopefully with you and your lovely husband in tow!

  3. Craig says:

    It was a fun night. I am surprised at the sound quality of the recording.

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