Mommy, I don’t want a banana, I want something you chew.

shopping with kids

Children all accounted for and I might have all I need...

Today, I did something that I normally avoid like the plague… I took my children to the grocery store. By. My. Self. The horror! (Seriously- it’s a horrific experience.)

It started before we even got out of the car with Luke Skywalker crying about not wanting to go to the store and Ellwood screaming for him to stop. When the high-pitched squealing started, Mommy lost her cool. And you really don’t want Mommy to lose her cool.

Once inside, there was the obligatory fight over who will be in the buggy, who will walk or ride on the outside and then, ultimately, whining, once Mommy makes an executive decision that everyone will ride in the buggy so that no one gets lost.

There were a few tense moments when Luke Skywalker, in an attempt to escape, stood on the loaf of bread I had just put in the buggy, but we made it to the check-out counter intact. It was there that my recently acquired sore throat and resulting hoarseness revealed itself as a real liability. (Did I mention being sick? Yeah, I am.) You are much less impressive when you attempt to sternly rebuke a child and your voice breaks in the process. Eeegads! (BTW- This liability continues as I type. Ellwood was literally choking on laughter just now when I told him to stop playing.)

It’s only six and I am counting down until I can reasonably send the kids to bed, give myself a dose of Benadryl and go to sleep. ‘Cause while I love my kids, today is one of those days where I could really use a break.


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