I like ’em plumpy

I want to look like this:

sexy model

So I decide that I should work out, eat right and soon, in no time at all, I will resemble the lithe, young looking model in the photo. Hey, I might even look like my Zumba teacher! But alas, it is not to be! I really don’t want to fight the urge to eat a full bag of puff popcorn, and it hits me: I hate to exercise. It’s a chore; a challenge I really DON’T want to meet.

And yet my choices are: 1- to not exercise; give in to my lazy side and gorge myself on puff popcorn, drinking soda or beer, or 2- to force myself into the gym and spend a grueling hour moving my body faster than it needs to so I can work up a sweat and hopefully build muscle and gorge myself on puff popcorn drinking soda or beer, but still hoping to look like the model. Detect a pattern?

Here’s the funny thing…there really is an exercise high that occurs- usually about 5 minutes before I’m finished with my workout. It reminds me of how I would suddenly have energy about an hour before quitting time. Zumba helps. It’s more like dance, but deep down we aren’t kidding anyone. No matter how many fun and sexy dance moves you throw in, you are taking an aerobics class.

(This is what we do….But most of us don’t resemble the cool teacher. As a side note, the lyrics SOUND dirty, but this is from a kids’ movie!)

Part of the problem is that you don’t get instant results from exercise, but must put forth SOME effort. It seems I can never manage to put in the necessary amount of work to make enough of a difference to encourage me to continue. Shortly after I begin a regular routine of exercise, I find some reason not to  continue. Maybe it’s a sick child (legitimate excuse) or maybe I’m just ‘too busy’ doing something that could be done later (not legitimate excuse). The end result is the same- the routine is interrupted and I have to start all over again.

Guess I will, along with many other people, continue to wait for that pill which will suddenly make me fit and healthy. Maybe it will also make me smarter, funnier and more motivated. Yeah. I like that idea. What are those scientist types doing trying to find new energy sources? Give me my ‘healthy, fit, smarter, funnier and motivated’ pill and I’ll help them out!

lady taking pill

It's easy and solves all your problems...


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2 Responses to I like ’em plumpy

  1. Michelle says:

    Now that’s a Zumba song I want to do! Thanks for posting- the video is awesome.

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