It’s a compliment, really

Things I learned today:

Puff popcorn is evil. It is addictive in a malevolent way, since it doesn’t taste as good after the first few bites, but you feel compelled to continue eating the. entire. bag. (It also sucks the life energy out of you, something else I learned while trying to make it through my Zumba class.)



Resistance is futile.

Cheesecake for breakfast, while decadent and not appropriate every day, is sinfully delicious and wonderful. No need to elaborate on this point, is there?

My dog is dumb. I already knew this, just thought I’d share.

Carving out time to nap, even as a stay at home mom, is a wasted and useless effort. While I stay up all hours finishing dishes, clothes, etc., and while I take the kids to school daily which means getting up early, convincing said children to get up as well, it is impossible for me to find a space where I can just get a little more rest.

sleeping child

Speaking of which… Six-thirty in the morning comes way too early, no matter what time you go to bed. I was zonked out by 8:30 last night, but was still exhausted and resisting the alarm clock when it rang this morning.

Give me a few extra dollars and I will spend them, by golly! I found some extra money recently and promptly found something utterly devoid of value to spend it on. (Takes a bow.)

I really enjoy talking on the phone. Oh yeah, this is also one of those things I already knew, but thought for some reason you might be interested. There was a time, when we had cell phones (don’t have them currently- we are working on that), that I could put over 2000 minutes on the phone. Free nights and weekends! Woohoo!

I embarrass myself in Zumba class. This is why I hate mirrors at the gym. There are some things I just don’t need to confirm. And this is one of them.

Whoopi Goldberg is a goddess and should be venerated as such. She is honest, spiritual, funny, sexy and wonderful. She is also the only reason I watch The View. Thank you, Whoopi!


whoopi goldberg

The most awesome Whoopi Goldberg

I don’t understand the logic behind the way my husband loads the dishwasher. Which in turn means he doesn’t understand my logical way of cleaning, either. There must be something wrong with him since I am not only reasonable and intelligent, I am perfect. (That was a given, though, right?)

That about sums it up. Maybe I will learn more tomorrow. Maybe not. I might be attempting a nap sometime during the day…


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