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‘Dress Your Family in Corduroy and Denim’ by David Sedaris

After watching David Sedaris plug his book, ‘Squirrel seeks Chipmunk,’ on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, I picked up an entirely different book by him at the library (Our library doesn’t have the most recent, but it did have … Continue reading

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While it looks stupid at 1st, 2nd and 39th glance- look at it again!

Once, after Ellwood was born, I told a friend about a novel I had just read. Astonished, she asked me when I had time to read anything since she also had a son the same age and never had the … Continue reading

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A hungry man is not a free man.-Adlai E. Stevenson

Looks can be deceiving, as the old adage, ‘Don’t judge a book by its cover’ admonishes us. A good friend of mine, after graduating from college and landing her first job, found herself in quite a pickle. A single mom, … Continue reading

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Overheard: I was a retired show girl. (Or Potty Training, Part 1)

It has begun. We are currently potty training Luke Skywalker. He’s onto us, but hasn’t put up a fight. Yet.  The day has really just begun and the meat of our project starts in earnest in another hour. I am … Continue reading

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An Open Letter to the Guy Who Passed me on the Grass This Morning

Dear man in the really large SUV, Morning traffic is bad. It’s aggravating. And the geniuses who planned our little city did not help matters when they chose to place the only high school, only middle school and two elementary … Continue reading

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Best F***ing birthday present E-VER!

So, those who know me are aware of my obsession with a certain group of young men- Sam Bradley, Bobby Long and Marcus Foster. I have gushed about them in previous posts (see here and here). When I saw that … Continue reading

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Demolition derbies are an idea that can’t be improved upon.

As a teenager, I had the reputation of being ‘ditzy’ or ‘flighty.’ (And those were the nice way of describing my vacant-ness during that period of my life.) A good friend who waitressed with me, once told me that she … Continue reading

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