My summer of tequila

idiot drivers

I’ve become one of ‘those’ drivers. You know the ones. The drivers who turn in front of you with no regard for the fact that 1- you have the right of way and 2- there is no way for them to make the turn and avoid an accident unless you screech to a halt, but they blissfully drive on, unaware of the chaos they have left in their wake. Or the drivers who apparently have no idea that the speed limit is 20 miles slower than what they are driving. Or the people who drive in the left lane (the one designated for the faster traffic) and either go exactly the speed limit or worse, under the speed limit. Yeah. I was one of them this morning.

Let’s recall the scene of the crime….I am on my way to drop the kids off at school and stop at the four way near our house. The car in front of me drives off and I roll to the stop sign. Vaguely, I am aware of the car to my left, also stopped. And then I begin to move forward…at the same time as said vehicle to my left. We stop at the same time, and then I proceed through the intersection.

It’s at this point I am given the ‘honk.’ It was long, loud and sounded a bit peeved. That’s when I began to wonder, ‘Did I have the right of way? Was I supposed to wait for them?’ It was really too late to consider these questions once they came to mind; both of us had moved on by then. But I have a suspicion that in fact, the other guy had the right of way.

Upon further consideration, I also realized that this is not the first time I have behaved badly while driving and am beginning to suspect that the poor driving habits of my fellow citizens of this small town are rubbing off on me. We had not been living here long when we noticed the large number of people who have no compunctions about turning left with other vehicles barreling down the street at them. They also have no fear about turning onto the street and taking their time speeding up to the flow of traffic while everyone else is slamming on their brakes and swerving into the other lane to avoid them. And let’s not even get started on texting while driving! That’s a category of WRONG all to itself.

My poor behavior this morning is indicative of my assimilation into this community, I think. Either that or I have always been a poor driver. I’d rather vote for assimilation than think myself only an average driver, so that’s the story I’m going with.

Be safe on the roads, guys. There are tons of bad drivers out there. Of course, you and I are better than average.

bad driver


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2 Responses to My summer of tequila

  1. Mom says:

    I remember when we returned to the south in ’75 and came face to face with driving culture differences I had put aside five years earlier. Miss Dickie told us how an Aiken resident in the late ’40s and early ’50s when Savannah River was being constructed didn’t approve of street lights. SO HE NEVER STOPPED FOR THEM! She said everybody slowed down when entering an intersection to make sure HE wasn’t coming. Our communities take on characteristics all their own just like people.

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