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danger expectations

Ever notice how our expectations never seem to coincide with reality? Kind of like the dog that chases a squirrel up a tree, somehow expecting to follow it? (Or maybe the dog thinks she has sufficiently scared said squirrel. Who knows what the dog thinks?)

My son has some problems with the concept of expectations versus reality, but he has yet to notice. For example, he thinks he can run ‘at the speed of light.’ I will not be the one to tell him differently. He also thinks he is almost as strong as his daddy. (Maybe he is. I think it depends on how you define ‘strong.’)

boy running

Speed of light!!

My own personal experience with this phenomenon generally occurs in regards to how I am going to accomplish something. Or, how much of any given project I will be able to finish in one day.

Expectation: I will get up early and start the day by making a good breakfast for me and my family.

Reality: I drag myself out of bed after the kids have been up for at least an hour and pour everyone a bowl of sugary cereal.

Expectation: I will get everyone out the door with time to spare so there is no screaming, yelling or generally loosing of our cool as the day starts.

Reality: I am screaming at the kids to hurry, hurry, hurry, since we are once again late, late, late, while the kids cry because mommy is such a mean-y!

Expectation: I *will* get the house clean TODAY.

Reality: By noon I am sitting in the fetal position, surrounded by piles of paper, rocking back and forth, unable to remember why I chose TODAY to start this project.

Expectation: I will read and finish any homework for my class before the day of class.

Reality: I am furiously reading the day of class, hoping to finish enough so I don’t look foolish.

Sometimes, others have expectations for us, like my ex did of me…’But I thought once it was your own place, you would want to keep it clean.’ (Sure. ‘Cause people change like that.)

We have expectations of others… ‘I just asked you to put that away ten times. What part of ‘no’ don’t you understand?’ (Because five year olds listen to their mommies.)

We all encounter these bouts of reality versus expectations and usually manage to escape unscathed. Here’s to the day when we find a way to make the two pieces fit together. I expect to post this later today…


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