Cook dinner. Walk dog. Take over the world.

cooking cleaning

If cleanliness is next to godliness, then I am evil. Not pure evil, mind you, just evil. Despite numerous attempts to be a neat and tidy person, I think I have finally accepted the fact that it. will. never. happen. The problem is- I don’t like being messy; it’s just that being neat takes a whole lot more energy and work than messy does.

Trust me. I know. I have made a study of neat, clean people whose homes are immaculate. Are you aware that those types of people NEVER sit still? They are constantly on the go, busy wiping down a table, picking up a stray dish, putting away some item, and therefore do. not. stop. all. day.

cleaning lady

Must clean. Cannot stop. Dust is evil!

There was about a six to eight week period in my life where I resembled such people. I managed to get my house clean last year when we were without a computer for an entire week. (Go figure. Guess that’s where I spend the bulk of my time.) At any rate, I made the decision to keep my house clean from that point on. And I was miserable and happy at the same time.

I was happy because I was no longer ashamed of how my house looked or smelled. (We live in the south and have a pet. It will smell like your pet if you do not take drastic measures- trust me!) I was miserable because suddenly I was one of ‘those’ people who couldn’t sit still. Five minutes of TV and I had to jump up and sweep. Ten minutes on the computer and the dusting needed to be done. It was a feverish pace.

After our vow renewal, I let up on the house work thinking I had earned a break after all the work of the party we had had. And since then? Just a mess.

I wish I could blame the kids.  It would be easy to do since their playroom has no door and opens directly into my living room. It looks as though the playroom has vomited toys into the living room with pieces of up chuck in the form of toys scattered all over the floor. I could complain that cleaning up said playroom does no good since within minutes of seeing it clean, the kids start playing and it’s a mess again. But no, it’s the adults in the house who are to blame for the mess. (Specifically the stay at home mom adult, since this SHOULD be her job.) I don’t want to think about Mount Washmore in my laundry room. Nor do I want to consider the towers of dishes in the kitchen. There are piles of ‘stuff’ throughout the house and I have no idea how they came to be there. My cleaning fairy has abandoned me and I am so distraught, I may not be able to continue…

cleaning fairy

She does all the work I don't want to do and has even grown extra arms to do it. If you see her, tell her I miss her.


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2 Responses to Cook dinner. Walk dog. Take over the world.

  1. I know how you feel and I sympathize. It seems that a mom’s job never end.

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