Doctors are sadists who like to watch lesser people squirm


Dude, this can't be normal!

Shameless. That’s me. Since I cut my finger almost 3 weeks ago, I request sympathy for my plight from everyone who is willing to listen. ‘Look at my finger,’ I demand raising my hand to eye level and flourishing said finger. There is usually a slight grimace from the confronted individual who may or may not be squeamish when it comes to half-healed wounds. ‘Yeah. Doesn’t look good.’ Depending on my mood, the person may or may not be regaled with details about ‘the incident.’

Two weeks ago, the school called me because they thought Luke Skywalker had pinkeye (Note: He, thankfully, did not have pinkeye. Instead, he has a condition where the sinuses back up when he has a cold and the resulting nastiness oozes out of his eyes. Yes, gross, ewwww. Be thankful you are not the person who has to clean his eyes.) While we were at the pediatrician, I took the opportunity to get some advice about my finger and garner a bit more sympathy. (Like I said, shameless.) He said to keep trying to bend it, that it was healing well and the swelling would eventually go down.

doctor with child

Look at me, not the kid!

It’s been a little over a week since I saw the pediatrician and quite frankly, my finger is a tad scary looking. The cut has healed nicely, but the knuckle and lower portion of the finger are swollen and sore. Another friend who is also a doctor said this was normal since the cut is on a bone and the resulting scar tissue creates difficulties; but since she was telling me this from her car window while I was also in a car and she therefore could not see how badly my finger needed attention, I was determined to see my doctor.

However, before setting out on that errand, I had to attend Luke Skywalker’s preschool birthday party celebration. (He just turned three. Yeah!!!) After passing out cupcakes, taking pictures, singing to the birthday boy and garnering more sympathy from the teachers (no, I am not kidding!) another parent came into the classroom. Guess what? He’s a doctor! So I launch into my spiel, gesticulating wildly and waving my finger at his face. And he said the same thing my friend did, adding that there is nothing that can be done except continue what I am doing. Drat!

So I guess people will continue to be accosted by my finger. At least until there is another ailment which is more worthy of attention.

cut finger

Feel the power of the sick finger! You. will. pity. me. (It's the one on the right, silly.)

Update: According to the doctors, my finger will ALWAYS look like this. Oh, and the hurting? My friend said, ‘Yes. It will hurt for at least the next 2 to 3 years.’ Joy.


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