How to be

how to be robert pattinson

OK, so in the interest of honesty here- I watched this movie solely for the general dreaminess of Robert Pattinson. (Yeah- not happening in this movie, by the way. He’s totally nerdy in this film.) Having said that, the film is really good.  In the style of ‘Napoleon Dynamite’ this movie is all about character development and exploring the insecurities of a twenty-something guy who has yet to succeed- at anything.

The film begins with Art, an aspiring song writer and musician (who is horrible at both) fighting the breakup his girlfriend insists upon. His life spirals out of control after he moves back in with his distant, cold parents. (One of the songs begins with ‘I don’t know, but I’ve been told, a parent’s love is awful cold. Instead of nurture they just scold.’) In his quest for an answer to his depression, Art finds a self-help guru (Dr. Ellington) from Canada and uses the entirety of his inheritance money to bring him to the UK. Once there, Dr. Ellington attempts to help Art make sense of his chaotic emotions, but to no avail. After the doctor’s departure, Art finds his own solution.

The supporting cast is absolutely awesome and the script is genius. Very British in style, there is a large amount of self-deprecating humor mixed with a very sarcastic and cynical look at how we deal with our problems. Here in the states, self-help reigns supreme, but if this film is any indication, such ideas are looked at skeptically in England.

While this movie is comical, it’s not a laugh a minute. The humor is very dry, very British. And I love it! Craig has watched it twice with me; I’ve seen it three times already.

Sound track ‘review’

After buying the movie on DVD, I knew it was essential to get the soundtrack. I love it when I’m right! The CD has clips of the movie, includes the songs Pattinson sings (as Art, not himself), and loads of original music. My favorite songs from the movie and CD is ‘Hammond’ by The Roches. They have such beautiful harmony, it brings tears to the eyes. In sum, if you enjoy the movie, you will like the soundtrack and the dialogue vignettes.

Music of the movie: The Roches, ‘Hammond’


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