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I haven’t bathed today. In fact, I don’t remember the last time I had a shower. –Anonymous Mother of 2

Last week, while Hubby was away, I decided that grilled cheese sandwiches, soup, apple slices and chips with a cookie dessert would be the perfect dinner; easy to fix and clean up and (most importantly) very kid friendly. So there … Continue reading

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The word listen contains the same letters as silent

Sometimes, when he is reading a book he really likes, my husband will re-read passages just for the beauty of it. For my part, I often find myself reading too quickly to thoroughly enjoy the artistic quality of any given … Continue reading

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You’ve taken the baton of imperialism and run with it quite nicely.

Inspiration comes from many sources. Mine has recently come in the form of three young men pursuing the dream they have of becoming recording artists. I am enamored not just by their talent, but also their drive. Drive, ambition, determination. … Continue reading

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How to be

OK, so in the interest of honesty here- I watched this movie solely for the general dreaminess of Robert Pattinson. (Yeah- not happening in this movie, by the way. He’s totally nerdy in this film.) Having said that, the film … Continue reading

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Rants from MommyLand rocks!!!

OK, so I have to recommend this blog to any mother out there. Those who aren’t moms could better understand those of us who are by reading this very funny look at motherhood. It will also be on my blogroll … Continue reading

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The N Song

Elliot has been bothering Craig to make another video, so Craig found a song they could do together. Introducing the N song by Craig and sons…. And the original by Sesame Street, Elmo and Ricky Gervais….

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It’s like the Dutch language. I’ve been told it makes sense, but I have my doubts.

Have you ever encountered a greatness that left you feeling empty not just because the genius that created it struck you to the core, but also because it isn’t you? Such is my feeling when listening to the likes of … Continue reading

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